Lowe’s Customers

Thank you for choosing Lowe’s for your flooring installation.

As a Lowe’s Independent Subcontractor, we at Kris Darby Flooring & Interiors, Inc., also want to take a moment to thank you for entrusting us to service your needs.

We have prepared the attached packet of information as a way to not only answer some common questions we receive at the measurement (what Lowe’s calls a “Detail”) phase of the process, but we would also like you to know how the remainder of the process works so you will understand how we all work together as an installation team. This should allow you to understand where you are in the process as well as what the next steps are so you never feel “left out” or “in the dark”.

We hope you will take the time to review this information as a way to educate yourself further about your flooring installation purchase.

After your installation, you will likely be called by another partner of Lowe’s. This company will conduct a brief survey to get your feedback about the entire installation process. Lowe’s and Kris Darby Flooring & Interiors, Inc., takes this feedback quite seriously. We use it not only as a way to ensure your satisfaction, but as a way to ensure we continually provide an exceptional experience with both the professionalism of all of our staff and the craftsmanship of our installers. This survey is on a 7-point scale with a 7 being the best rating. If at any point you believe you cannot give us a 6 or 7, please let us know immediately so we can remedy the situation.

After your detailer leaves, they will have the information we need to provide to your Lowe’s Flooring Specialist. They will upload this information for review by our Detail Manager. Once reviewed, it will be submitted to Lowe’s so they may begin building your flooring estimate. We submit measurements to Lowe’s daily. If your detail is scheduled for Friday afternoon or on the weekend, please understand that it may be Monday morning before your information is received by your Flooring Specialist.

Your next contact after your detail is completed will be your Lowe’s Flooring Specialist from the store at which you purchased your flooring measurement.

After your purchase, Lowe’s will order the materials from the manufacturer and will turn the order back over to Kris Darby Flooring & Interiors, Inc., for the installation portion of your your project. Once we receive notification of your purchase, you will hear from a member of our team who will remain your project manager for the remainder of your installation.

Thank you again for your purchase and trusting Lowe’s and Kris Darby to fulfill your flooring needs.